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Mentors and volunteers working directly with clients should have two (2) years of freedom from any chemical related issues, treatment or significant law and/or driving violations.

Please note: if you wish to mentor a client, we suggest you only apply to be a mentor at this time. You can always volunteer for other opportunities in the future. Mentors MUST BE 25 years or older and cannot be a relative of the client.
(Note, we do not provide mentors for our Lakeside Academy teen boys program.)

Group Volunteer Opportunities:  In Minneapolis, apply online: 

For any of our other campuses where you would like to volunteer as a group, there is no need to apply online. Please contact the appropriate Volunteer Coordinator at your nearest center.
   Lakeside Academy (Teen Boys Center, Buffalo)       612.238.6777     More Info (PDF)
   Brainerd (Mens Center)                                         218.833.8749
   Rochester (Mens and Womens Center)                   507.218.3455

   Duluth (Mens Center)                                            218-740-5509




Mentoring Adult Clients in our Minneapolis Campuses


"Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor."  
Romans 12:10


Mission: To nurture and encourage our clients by providing mature Christian mentors to foster spiritual growth, the integration of faith and life, and exemplify MnTC's Core Values. 

Purpose: Our mentoring program exists to empower mature, Christian men and women from the community to join with MnTC in fostering spiritual growth in our clients. Building on the foundation clients receive at MnTC, mentors help them integrate their Christian faith into everyday life. It is our expectation that mentors will exemplify MnTC's Core Values: Compassion, Honor, Respect, Integrity, Servanthood, and Trust.

The Mentor Program is  voluntary and is open to all MnTC clients in our 13-month Long Term Program. If they choose to participate, each client is paired with a mentor who best matches their needs and interests. Once matched, mentors meet with a client one-on-one for a minimum of two times a month over the course of a year. Most often, mentors and mentees meet on Saturdays or on weekday evenings. The mentoring relationship begins while the client is in our program; however, we ask that mentors continue to meet with their mentee for several months after ther mentee graduates. The total time commitment for mentoring is one year, but some mentor pairs continue to stay in touch beyond that timeframe. In order to be most effective, mentors may only mentor one client/recent graduate at a time. 

Mentors make an immensely positive impact on MnTC clients. The relationship they develop with their mentor is instrumental in building upon the work God has begun in their life!

  • If you have sought treatment for chemical addiction, we require a minimum of two (2) years of sobriety
  • Mentors must be at least 25 years of age


  • Pray for your mentee and for the time you spend together.
  • Spend time together doing activities you both enjoy. Common mentor/mentee activities include going on walks, having coffee, eating meals together, doing special projects, etc.
  • Be present and accessible; focus on showing your mentee what following Christ looks like in your life.
  • Realize that your mentee may have questions, and use those opportunities to facilitate discussions centered on Biblical principles that impart wisdom and knowledge.
  • Challenge your mentee to do what is right without being judgmental or overly critical. Keep in mind that growth is directed by God, not you. 
  • Affirm your mentee when they have made positive progress in their life and recovery.
  • Assist your mentee in navigating through times of difficulty and crisis. Help them understand God's ways and purpose.


Here is a 90-second video of a mentor and mentee sharing their experience

           Link to video:


Once your application is reviewed and cleared, we will invite you to attend an in-person training to meet our staff and review program policies and procedures. 

After a prospective mentor completes the application and training process, our Client Care Team works to determine a strong client-mentor pairing based on a number of factors. Individual requests to mentor a specific client cannot be honored.  However, we do encourage individuals who seek to encourage and support specific clients to ask the client to put them on their correspondence list so that regular communication and visits can occur. 


By clicking the box below you will be able to complete an application to get the process started. It only takes a few minutes, and your application does not commit you to mentoring. You’ll find that it is a process that allows you and us to see if mentoring is a good fit for you.

For more information on becoming a Mentor at Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge, please contact our Mentor Program Manager at 612.238.6410 or email

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Please know that MnTC's Programming is structured in a Christian, faith-based environment. So all volunteers need to be comfortable working in such a setting. Those desiring to mentor or volunteer in a Program Support role will work directly with our clients and are required to complete the Faith page on the application. All other volunteers can certainly complete the Faith page, but it is not required.

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